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Marshalltown Community College
(YFU News - March, 2011 )

Spring Break in Sunny Florida!
The big news for this month was our awesome spring break trip to Orlando, Florida March 6-11. The weather was fantastic, especially when you compare it to the chilly and snowy weather of Marshalltown, and there was more to do than we had time to do it.

Left Photo - Waiting at the Chicago airport.

Right Photo - Enjoying the hot tub at our hotel.

Center Photo- At the gate of Universal Studio.

Left Photo - It was so nice to see all the beautiful flowers, green grass and palm trees too! .
Center Photo - Stas and the giant cruise ship at Cocoa Beach.
Right Photo - About to be eaten by a dinosaur at Universal’s Jurassic Park.

Left Photo - Yippee, we love Cocoa Beach!
Center Photo - Harry Potter’s Hogwarts at Universal.
Right Photo - Florida YFU 2011.

Ken & Stas with the giant M & M at the M & M World Store.

Students Share their Country and Culture.
On May 27, we had our final potluck and presentation with Jun Sik and Heu Weon presenting on South Korea and Roxane presenting on her home country of Belgium. All of our YFU students did an amazing job with their presentations this year, and when you think about how nerve wrecking it is to present in front of people in your own language, it is quite impressive that our students are able to do so well presenting in English. Several people in the attendance commented on how much they appreciated these very interesting presentations, and many thanks to our wonderful host families and friends for all the great food and fellowship too!

Left Photo - Heu Weon and Jun Sik presenting information on South Korea.
Center Photo - Very attentive audience at Heu Weon, Jun Sik and Roxane’s presentation.
Right Photo - Roxane sharing information about Belgium.

Student Star of the Month - Roxane .
This month's student star is Roxane Petit from Belgium who shares her experience as a YFU student at MCC.

.This month's student star is Roxane Petit from Belgium who shares her experience as a YFU student at MCC. I have been here since January 5th and there isn't a single day when I regret having chosen to go on this experience. I remember the day before coming to the US, I was so scared and I didn't want to leave Belgium. But after a long flight I finally arrived to Des Moines and I saw the smiling faces of my host family. It made me feel so good to see that they were excited to meet me! I am so happy to be in this family, they are so friendly and I really feel like a part of their family. I also learned a lot of new things thanks to them. I hope to see them again because I will miss them so.

Left Photo - Roxane (bottom left) with the Kester Family Dan, Lora, Joan and Jack.
Right Photo - Roxane and YFU students on spring break.

My friends at the college are also a big part of my successful experience. At the beginning, the people were so welcoming and I immediately felt good in this college. They wanted to know more about me, and they were always there to help me with my classes. But my friends I know the most are the other YFU students, and I am sure that without them it wouldn't be such a great experience because they are living exactly the same so we understand each other very well. And every activity that we do together is always a lot of fun. Our spring break trip in Florida was so nice. We did a lot of fun things, and even if sometimes we disagree with each other, it only lasts a while! It will be so difficult to leave them because I saw them almost every day, and we don't know if we will see each other again.
My English has improved very well I think. I can see that I can speak and write faster and with fewer mistakes. And even if sometimes I didn't want to work for school, I know that all my homework, essays, reports and tests are the major reasons for my improvement. The teachers are also very nice and they are always there to help me and to repeat if I need it. I won't ever forget this 5 months, it was a great experience and I learned a lot more than only English! I like America, and I hope to come back to visit again.

~Roxane Petit

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